Hey there! 

I'm Allie Grace Ruppert, a recent graduate from Western Michigan University with my BFA in Musical Theatre Performance. I grew up in South Haven, MI and have wanted to pursue Musical Theatre since watching my first episode of Glee. (Classic, right?) 

I'm passionate about using my talents in theatre to say something and to hopefully inspire those in the audience to do the same. 


But, when I'm not belting on stage I love to do a lot of other things. Some examples, you ask? Sounds like it's time for... FUN FACTS! 

  • New Girl is my all time favorite tv show ( I quote it A LOT)  

  • My favorite Disney Princess is Rapunzel  

  • Harry Styles threw water on me in 2015 

  • I have a puppy named Hiccup 

  • Keith is my favorite Try Guy 

  • My mom (and me... kinda) was on Oprah (I KNOW RIGHT?!) 

  • Knock-Knock jokes are my favorite and the purest form of comedy 

  • My favorite ride at Disneyland is Radiator Spring Racers (Cars Land) 

  • The greatest moment of my life was when I got to pilot the Millennium Falcon and punch it to Hyperspace (this also took place at Disneyland) 

  • I have a lot of Disney fun facts because I'm kind of obsessed 

  • I used to own a horse named Bubba ( I know, I know, a horse girl)